After reviewing data gathered from a wind mast at the site of a possible wind farm development in Bickerton, Banks Developments has taken the decision not to progress their plans in the area.

A test wind mast was erected on site in February to review whether the proposed location is suitable for commercial wind farm development.

But now, having analysed data from the mast, alongside additional information for the nearby Met Office station at Shawbury in Shropshire, Banks has concluded that there is not enough wind to allow the development of a commercially viable wind farm.

Rob Williams, Renewables Projects Director at Banks Developments, says: “Turbines can obviously only be situated in areas where there is enough wind to create a certain level of power, and we have always said that we would only progress this scheme at Bickerton if the proposed location met this criterion.

“Whilst we believe the Bickerton site could be developed as a wind farm, meeting the required environmental standards, our analysis of the test mast data has shown that it does not attract the amount of wind needed to produce the requisite amount of energy, so we will now not be taking this proposal any further.

“We will continue our search for good wind farm development opportunities in the Cheshire area, as the region is far from achieving its targets for renewable energy production and the need for renewable, indigenous energy generation continues to grow.”

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Notes to editors
The Banks Group was founded in 1976 in County Durham.  It now employs 350 people across offices in County Durham, Hamilton and Chesterfield.  It specialises in major projects in the renewable energy, property, surface coal mining and waste management sectors.

Banks’ ‘Development With Care’ approach ensures sites are developed in close consultation with the community as well as carrying out extensive environmental assessments.